Translating technology and CAT tools

In addition to a host of PC-based software,
Juliet uses SDL Trados and MemoQ
computer-aided trans­lation (CAT) tools.


It is important to make a distinction here: these are not the same thing as machine trans­lation (where the computer itself does the trans­lation): CAT tools are essen­tially sophi­sticated database programs that allow previously-translated text and repetitions to be cut and pasted so you never need to translate the same sentence twice. This system offers great savings (which are passed on to the client) and high quality.

Juliet also makes the most of cloud computing techniques when working in a team and sharing files with other colleagues. Her regular proofreader is English but based in Peru and the difference in time zones comes in very handy when proofreading needs to be done overnight.

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