Having a scientific and technical bent has proved a
distinct advantage in Juliet’s chosen trans­lation
specialisms of technology, science and medicine.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsUnusually for a translator, Juliet has a background of a biology degree, experience in the health service and a stint as an abstracter and indexer in the Fisheries Library of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN in Rome.

Finding herself without any official trans­lation quali­fi­cations in the 1980s despite four years’ valuable experience as an in-house translator, Juliet sat and passed the Institute of Linguists (IL) Translators’ Final exam to become a member of the Translators’ Guild. When the Translators’ Guild split from the IL in 1986, she became a Founder Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Soon after, she was able to succes­sfully apply to become a Member of the Translators’ Association (TA), the literary trans­lators’ division of the Society of Authors. She then sat and passed an exam to become a Member of the Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti (AITI) – choosing to join the Lazio division owing to her links with Rome and Lazio.

In the 1990s, Juliet completed a second BA degree in English Literature and History of Ideas. Although this was primarily for personal interest, the subjects studied have helped to inform more literary trans­lation projects and helped further her appre­ciation of good writing.

certi­ficates and letters of commen­dation

a small selection of Juliet’s certi­ficates and letters of commen­dation (full-size copies of these and more are available on request)


FiatJuliet kick-started her trans­lating career with four years as an in-house translator in Turin, Italy’s automotive capital. She then returned to London in 1986 and soon built up a successful freelance business with a portfolio of direct clients and agencies. She enjoys a long-standing relationship with the Fiat Group, which sometimes accounts for as much as 50% of her workload. She has now worked as a full-time freelance translator for 25 years, latterly trading as Juliet Haydock Translations Ltd.

Her experience with EU texts has been gained through nearly 20 years of experience as a contractor and subcon­tractor for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union and the European Commission, which initially involved passing tough assessment tests. Particular features of this type of work include meticulous use of official style guides and reference material. Juliet regularly gains the highest ‘Very Good’ ratings from the Commission for her translations.