Frequently asked questions

Is your policy ‘No job too large or too small’?
Yes, although small jobs are subject to a minimum
charge and regular clients always take precedence.

How long does the average job take to deliver?

A 10,000 word job can normally be turned round in 5 working days.

euro notesCan you give me some idea of likely costs?

The normal charge is GBP 85–115 (EUR 95–130) + VAT per 1000 words but quotes can be given for other units of work (e.g. page, line, word). Extra charges may apply for more difficult formats, e.g. PowerPoint files, handw­ritten texts, etc. Significant discounts are available for repetitive texts and ‘cut and paste’ jobs. Please get in touch if you would like a quote.

Do you charge a ‘rush fee’ for urgent jobs?
It’s all part of the service for regular clients.

image: jster91, FlickrIs the agency a ‘one-woman band’?

Juliet Haydock has built up a team of qualified, experienced part-time colla­bo­rators who assist during busy periods – which are frequent! Juliet oversees and checks all output personally and uses style guides and shared glossaries to ensure consi­stency. All work for publi­cation is proofread in-house and then sent out to an external reviser for a final check.

Can you provide me with some examples of your work or references?

Certainly, please get in touch.